18 March, 2006

Syriana held up by censors killing off market

Gulfnews: UAE film buffs may miss 'Syriana'

Everything is connected.

A film distributor has said the company might abandon plans to release controversial movie Syriana in the UAE if it is not passed by censors soon.

Gianluca Chacra, managing director of distributor Shooting Stars, said further postponements would make a local release uneconomic because large numbers of people would have seen the film on pirated DVDs.

He said if the film was passed soon and released in cinemas not long afterwards there would be "pretty high" interest from moviegoers. Chacra said the oil industry film, which was partly shot in Dubai, was submitted to censors three months ago but no decision has yet been made on whether to pass it.
Ah Karama, Robert Baer! Can you say oil change?


Tim Newman said...

The film is terrible. My review of it is here.

Judging by the stereotypes of Arabs contained in the film, I'd not be surprised if it didn't go down too well with local audiences.

fawzi in ajman said...

did u see it on pirate dvd? funny how clooney won for best suporting actor for it,no? i agree with u!

Doubleletter said...

I saw this movie. It was excellent: enjoyable, and thought provoking.

Yes, I was a bit peeved by certain stereotypes. But the movie has a message, and it says it eloquently: "Everything is connected". I give it a 9/10 rating.

I am not sure what's so offensive about it for the censors to censor it... After all, the arab country in it, and its leader, is fictional.

BuJ said...

i just finished seeing syriana twice in the uk.. it's amazing..

the arabic is crap.. but it's funny hearing clooney try to speak it.. mind you the subtitles were a great help here.. anyway it's well worth seeing and i think it should be showed in full in all countries in the world.

maybe the nail scene should be cut for younger audiences.. but it's all good..

loads were shot in dubai on the university city road and sheikh zayed road.. as well as the al ittihad road towards al sharjah.. nice good stuff.. makes one homesick!

it was a bit confusing to me coming from uae.. as the name of the royal family was al-sabahi.. (might be confused with the kuwaiti al sabaah).. but the king was arab, however his two sons seemed to be of a non-arab asian variety.. and then the lebanese scenes were excellent.. but there was a scene at the dubai dept of naturalisation and residency where they beat up these poor pakistani labourers.. that's so wrong.. and bad.. i don't think any labourer has to go to that building at all.. that's why you have the local RPOs (not sure about the acronym) doing their job...

overall the idea is correct and valid and it's a good movie.

go see it.

BuJ said...

also a few things to add.. some of the CONNEX facilities filmed actually had the ENOC sign on them which was quite interesting..

also the arab guy who said go learn arabic to the pakistani guy was obviously a bit ignorant.. u don't need to speak arabic to work.. but most arabs would like people to speak more arabic. anyway seems this arab has sent this poor labourer to the madrasa where he eventually blew himself up.

maybe better just stick to the urdu!

since when did chinese or american companies own any oil facilities in the "persian" gulf?

finally.. it's totally dumb to fire workers when you merge.. the two events seem contradictory..

John B. Chilton said...

buj - As my friend Don Cox says, if we made a movie where they got the economics right it would be really boring.

Link: Economics lacks drama, is boring

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