19 March, 2006

UAE Community Blog email subscription

ting ting

Tomorrow, or whenever I get time, the previous UAE blog e-mail system (the one that goes through feedburner, then r-mail, then gmail, and finally to you) will exist no more;
It has been too slow (2 hours or more to update), it has been pretty crappy (missed out on e-mails for over a week at one stage), and it has been too spammy (some guy spammed some guys number in the UAE claiming him to be a pimp - Wish I was kidding.)

The new service, as featured below (will be implemented on one of the sidebars when I can get enough time) should hopefully prove better.
You should be able to subscribe now.

Enter your email address below to subscribe to UAE Community Blog!

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I will also implement one on the Emirati community blog as soon as I have the time.

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