22 March, 2006

Jobs in Dubai site

If anyone has had any positive experiences with jobsindubai.com , please post it on my blog. I keep meeting people who have been scammed by them and it is starting to really piss me off, especially when i saw a full page ad in the Gulf News today!


secretdubai said...

Knowing of their reputation, I deliberately once titled a blog entry "Jobs in Dubai". Sure enough, it got spidered by Google, and I got heaps of traffic that might otherwise have gone to them.

MD said...

I tried their site once just to see what it was all about. I had applied for an Editorial position and I got an e-mail within ten days informing me of being selected for 'an Editorial vacancy'. No other info was given. I had to pay $70 (i think) to get that info and to have a meeting fixed with them.

Dodgy shyte.

Ashraf said...

I have met more than 6 people who have been conned by jobsindubai.com.

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