29 March, 2006

Evision broadcasts Eclipse live today

The UAE and neighboring countries will be experiencing a partial solar
eclipse today, starting from about 14:20 and lasting
till about 16:15.

E-Vision, will be broadcasting this astronomical event LIVE on its
Information Channel (Ch 1).

IMPORTANT: You are cautioned not to look directly at the sun during this
phenomenon, as there is still more than enough sunlight available to
cause injury to the eyes. Even sunglasses are not deemed appropriate

Valuable Information:

Previous solar eclipse over the UAE took place on October 23, 2004
Next partial Lunar Eclipse will take place on September 07, 2006.
Next Annular Solar Eclipse will take place September 22, 2006.
Penumbral lunar eclipse took place March 14, 2006.
A lunar eclipse is usually followed by a solar eclipse.


grapeshisha said...

Can we look directly into the TV?

ArabLady said...

lol grapeshisha....well in case we see no comments posted by u ...we will know that u lost ur sigh due to "looking directlt into the Tv" !!!!!!

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