27 March, 2006

The Real Deal

I don't post on here much. But below you'll find a post by tainted female, detailing a few new bloggers. They all seem to be Emaratis. On behalf of the UAE's educational system, I apologize.

But one of them, seems to be out to take my name for his own use. There can be only one Emirati. Emaraty, you are a....


MD said...

lollll...oh YES. if only he changes his display name to 'shabab el emarat' or something. watchout, ur replica doesn't seem to have good intentions or reputations. quite ur opposite, i must say.

or maybe u shud change ur nick to 'emaratiiiiiiii' :)

secretdubai said...

I guess the problem is that you have kind of chosen a name that is like "person". Maybe you should have gone for EducatedEmirati or InsiderEmirati or something ;)

But there will only be one Emirati in most people's minds here, so don't worry about the impostor.

Jin said...

There can be only ONE!!!

Keefieboy said...

Jin: Nac Mac Emirati?

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