12 March, 2006

Booming Dubai..!!

Views on whether Dubai is yet developed or just a booming city.

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John B. Chilton said...

On the treatment of labor, I disagree in large measure.

Dubai provides job opportunities that foreign workers voluntarily accept because they are far superior to the alternatives back home. I don't get why you expect Dubai to pay a premium above that. If you do then you set up a situation where Mr. A will sell his job to Mr. B and Mr. B comes to Dubai no better off.

There are major problems with enforcement of labor laws. The laws exist. The resources to enforce them are not sufficient.

My modest proposal to solve that is to allow workers to change jobs easily. Then if your present employer abuses you leave. In the present situation (job change severely limited) the low wages guys have no alternative except to keep working in hopes of getting paid some day, or having the authorities come to the rescue.

There is a problem, and it is in the one design element of the labor institutions of the UAE that will transfer credible enforcement into the hands of each and every worker.

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