11 March, 2006

Bush - Port Deal Collapse sends bad message

A CNN article reports that Bush is concerned that the collapse of the ports deal sends a bad message to US allies in the Middle East.

As John Chilton points out, the UAE always thought that it was a friend of the USA. The recent behaviour by the latter would severely test this notion in the eyes of every Emirati, every Middle Eastern country, and every foreigner who loves the UAE and chooses to live here.

Even more disturbing is that I, for once, find myself agreeing with Bush's concerns.


Fahad Al Mahmood said...

The message is already out .....

Arab Firms May Reconsider U.S. Dealings

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Never expected the Arabs to be intelligent, democratic, or supportors of freedom of speech!

Look at Iraq...

MD said...

Blocking the DP World deal "will strip bare our illusion that an Arab, a Muslim, can ever be a friend of America again."

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