22 March, 2006

Emarat Al Youm - (Emirates Today, in Arabic)

I have been for the past few weeks addicted to the caricatures of this arabic tabloid, as well as many of its articles, its fresh, funny and quite different from its English counterpart.

Today's caricature made me laugh aloud. Perhaps its funnier in Arabic 'cause we usually ask God Almighty to "open" paths to prosperity, routes to better jobs etc... But this rang true as I repeat this prayer(light traffic) for Sheik Zayed Road by Mall of the Emirates on a daily basis, and you know what (shhhh) its working!

On another note, in the same paper, an article just beneath caught my eye: 'Jail & Deportation for criminal who sexually assaulted a cow'

Fujairah-Mahmoud Allaam

'An expat asian turned into a raging bull after barging into a barn and carried on with a cow which had him end up in jail and the punishment of deportation.'

The story goes on to say:

'When his sponsor came across him at the barn he was agitated and nervous, when asked what he was doing he confessed "the devil made me do it with the cow".'

'After informing the police the cow was sent to be examined medically and the criminal was sent to the prosecutor to which he confessed to having sexual intercourse with the cow.'

Don't you just love the language?! So creative and so un-dull

Today there were many interesting articles in Emarat Al Youm and its good daily, some headlines included 'Two year old ucovers clues to a murder' and 'Poor locals in Ras al Khaima sell their names'

Something P%$$&@ me off yesterday in 7 days.... Ahhh a letter from a reader... But I'll get into that later.


grapeshisha said...

It would be great if they just translated the paper to produce ET! Please tell us more about about the selling of names!

nzm said...

I'm looking at that cartoon and thinking Moryarti and Mrs M when he starts his new job!


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