23 March, 2006

They love her

Advised by nzm to crosspost since the article is excellent

Sheikha Lubna is proving to be a big hit stateside, and for good reason:

"Sheikha Lubna is the perfect weapon to counter the negativism generated by the Dubai Ports fiasco for several reasons. She is intelligent, sharp and charming -- proof that not all the people from Dubai are in cahoots with Osama bin Laden, as some people here would like us to believe. Her command of the English language is impeccable, and she could easily pass for an American."

I have long been a fan. It was a smart move to send her to pacify the situation. Read about Dubai's Secret Weapon here.


nzm said...


Hope you don't mind but I'll also reference this in our blog with credit to you - it's an article that should be read by as wide an audience as it can reach.

I do agree with the author - she should have gone there during the controversy, however I doubt that she would have received much attention given that the politicians and media were inclined to present more sensational viewpoints often based on untruths and fear.

grapeshisha said...

Feel free! Stuff like this should be spread as far and wide as possible, as a means of education.

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