15 March, 2006

Emirates Airline Shelves Copenhagen Flight

I thought the cartoon row would calm, lurpak would slowly return to the shelves, followed by a quiet apology in the classifieds section. But no.


Harsha said...

Sad, Virgin, are you listening?

grapeshisha said...

It must be a lack of demand thing though.

Harsha, if you hadnt put the commas in the right place, I would have taken that as an accusation.

Tim Newman said...

I have to say, this sounds like a business decision due to lack of demand. I doubt the management of Emirates Airlines would be daft enough to shelve a busy route for political purposes, whilst spendin millions marketing themselves in the West as modern, innovative airline.

Harsha said...

lol grape! The power of Punctuation, maybe a Full Stop after 'Sad' would have been more appropriate.

anyway yea, lack of demand could be cuz its been delayed since october and the Danish Cartoons episode happened after that.

BD said...

Good observation. I don't think any consumers have been demanding that flights to Denmark be canned.

John B. Chilton said...

Where's Copenhagen? Is that anything like Hagendaz?

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