14 March, 2006

What the tortoise taught us

Many pet shops in the UAE keep their animals in appalling conditions, like this poor tortoise. No food, no water, no sunlight, no heat. All the things are reptile needs to survive.

On top of this, it is illegal to import tortoises into the UAE. The country is signed up to CITES (well done UAE!)
If you see a pet shop selling tortoises it is likely that they are illegally imported and the shop owner is breaking the law. You can report them to your local CITES office here in the UAE.

Animal welfare is improving here as authorities continue to crack down on cruelty and people are becoming more educated about the problem.

Sheikh Zayed was a champion for the environment and wildlife, lets make the UAE a better place for animals. Posted by Picasa


John B. Chilton said...

Al Ain Taxi,

Excellent contribution to the community. Information we can use. Thank you.

urbanite82 said...

Where is this shop? I'd like to know so that I, or other pet owners do not spend money there.

Al Ain Taxi said...

It's in Al Ain. Sadly, it's one of the 'better'ones. It's called the Golden Canary and it's in Al Ain Mall. There are no decent pet shops in Al Ain.

If you want a pet, the best thing to do here is ask around, there are always pets to be re-homed.

It's an issue I'm passionate about.

Brn said...

I thought that I recognized the Golden Canary. My youngest son is terrified of the turtles that they sell there; every time we walk by that place he freaks out.

urbanite82 said...

Thanks for that info, I am actually becoming more aware of the huge problem the UAE has with humane treatment of animals...(eg Dubai Zoo, abandoned pets...)and just pet friendliness in general.

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