31 March, 2006

grapeshisha: 16,000 hits from one source in one day

Technorati Search for: grapeshisha.blogspot.com/2006/03/net-immigration.html

grapeshisha, picking up on increasing US interest in immigration, innocently posted an interesting graphic displaying a world map where country size is represented by net immigration.

Result: #1 blogger in the world, Instapundit, links to the post, his first ever post to a UAE-based blog of which I am aware.

Consequence: Instalanche. 16,000 hits in one day alone.

Oh Lord it's hard to be humble.

Nota Bene: Corrections Department - a previous version of this post put the one day visit total at a mere 12,000 hits.

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grapeshisha said...

12,000 visits, 16,000 hits to be precise! Thanks to John for originally linking to the graphic. Without his blog being exposed to some key bloggers, his wouldn't have happened.

Over and above this, I think this demonstrates the power of community here, that, despite some blips continues to blossom. The blogging community is important in the search for free speech in the region, no matter what anyone says.

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