16 March, 2006

Question of the day: Is Greening of the Desert Environmentally Friendly?

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My strongly held belief is that the greening policies in the various emirates are well intended, but in the end produce results that are 180 degrees from environmental friendliness.

What is your view? Comments, as always, are (relatively) open.


BD said...

I would agree that there is too much greening here. While I would not advocate "no greening" some greening combined with other beutification techniques would be much better. I.e. a Japanese style rock garden as opposed to a lawn, or stones, sand and potted plants used in combination.

Another example is Oman--it's rough, rocky and beautiful. If that could be achieved on a minimalist scale in landscaping I think you could have beauty without a lot of greenery.

Bird flu is coming said...

Greening has its positives and negatives..Its helped hold back desertification but at the same agriculture/forestry is the sector that uses the most water in the UAE (about 85%)..

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