27 March, 2006

The official said the workers lived in "five-star accommodation compared to what they are used to in India".

I've been to India and I've been to the labor camps. The statement is a slap in the face to people who work hard to earn an honest day's pay and instead get s--t slung in their faces.

The quote in the title is attributed to an official of the notorious Al Hamed Company whose failure to pay workers for months led to the SZR protests in September last year. Seems the company is back again to its old tricks:

Company defaults on workers' wages again.


samuraisam said...

So when he says;
"The official said the workers lived in "five-star accommodation compared to what they are used to in India"."

Does he mean the workers aren't human? They should all be treated in relation to how they would be treated if they lived in another country?

What a racist piece of shit.

MD said...

These guys are assholes, really. Typical bitches who try all possible ways of cover-up when some Ministry guy shows up and then secretly tortures people who try to do anything about the miserable living conditions. With all these labour disputes going on, I'm surprised there's no comment or reaction from Al Kaabi yet. I would have expected him to spearhead SOME...thing?

azucenamaryam said...

There goes the free trade talks with the US! Believe me in India, the houses are way better than those rathole, firetrap, deathboxes that they call accomadations here. There is so much beautiful, strong, sturdy and old housing and archetecture in India which looks a lot like the older houses here.
The main problem is that most Indians could care less about building up their country which is why their infrastructure is utter crap.
Nevertheless, It's no excuse for abusing people. It is so un-Islamic and my Allah guide the buttwipes who say such stupid things

the shadow said...

They claim that they weren't able to pay salaries because of "too many projects going on" and "administrative issues"...

a). I wonder whether the top management of the company suffered the same problem

b). If they can't handle the basic administration of the projects they are responsible for, I wonder how well they can handle the logistics related to the construction work itself?

BD said...

^^^ Good point. You can imagine how tired and frustrated the laborers must feel, after all they went through a few months ago trying to get their dues. It isn't enough that they have to work in the hot sun all day long. Why can't they just be given a decent minimum wage? Then they could lead their lives with some normality, they could do better work, the boss men wouldn't have to deal with a hostile work force and everyone would be happier all around.

Come to think of it, probably the reason so many of those Nakheel villas suffer from poor workmanship is because the laborers are so abused. How can you--a worker--do a good job plastering the walls when you've got so many burdens on your shoulder, above and beyond the struggles of having to work in the heat? Tired, hungry, burning hot, thirsty and unappreciated--what kind of work can these guys really be expected to do?

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