26 March, 2006

Mind the Gap the ©Vlogumentary

URL: http://getmindthegap.com/; watch it in clips or download the entire film.

Summary: "London after 7/7"
Are open societies really open to cultures that are different?
With an optimistic take on the town, the people, places and candid interviews by a Pakistani Filmmaker, “Mind the Gap”, the ©Vlogumentary is very relevant in light of today’s controversies between the Islamic and non Islamic world.

Category: Modern Documentary released in Video Clips

Nadia Aamer's ©Vlogumentary; is a “personal point of view” on the social, cultural and political issues that we face in a multicultural city like London today. This is a narrative of a person who believes that human interactions are much more complex than what we see on television while criticising the mainstream media for creating misunderstandings between this and those “other regions of the world”. This is an individual's effort to bridge the gap which infects the minds of the people through repeated exposure to negative imagery. What bridges the gap is the ability of the British society to laugh at oneself.

Raving Reviews:
“Your finger is on the pulse...”
David Rowen, Journalist and Writer,The Times Magazine

“Really terrific work, I love your first-person style and the way you explore this issue.
You should feel very very proud.
I will definitely spread the word!”
Chuck Olsen, Author, Director and Producer of the Documentary on Blogs, Blogumentary

“Full marks for the video! I really liked the idea and my wife loved it too. I will forward the website to friends in UK and USA and some friends in media in Pakistan.”
Hassan Abbas author of the book “Pakistan's drift into Extremism.

"The content on your Mind the Gap website has been acknowledged. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success with your work in the future."
MAYOR OF LONDON- Ken Livingston

“Watch a complete short film online that challenges our assumptions about racial and cultural tolerance. Terrific debut from young British filmmaker Nadia Aamer”
Dave Pollard previously Chief Knowledge Officer for Ernst & Young now established his own consultancy, Meeting of Minds, and continues his highly regarded blog, "How to Save the World."

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