14 March, 2006

UAE community UAE blogs cleanup

ting ting


Just went through UAE community blog roll; removed all

blogs that either;
  • Didn't work

  • Were proxied, then deleted and overtaken by some complete retard, and somehow still remained on the blogroll

  • Hadn't made at least one posting in the whole of 2006

  • Had moved blog

  • Had only made one posting in the whole of 2006 and didn't look like they'd be posting again anytime soon

Sad to see them all disappear into thin air, maybe the cliche expat should remove whining from their list, people appear to be giving up /:

If you feel your blog has been removed in error, which it hasn't, because I am always correct about everything, or you have a new blog, that's totally kickass and all of that, leave a comment and i'll add you to the blogroll.

Anything Blogable
CARPE DIEM - clayfuture
Elzubeir - Clearly Demented
Dubai Blog
Dubai Diary
Dubai Flipside
Dubai Rants
Dubai Thoughts and Musings
Dubtown Brat
Essays in Idleness
e3ashig online
Improve Dubai (evidently they gave up on that mission sometime in september last year like everyone else)
Hauteur Pill
Jaime's very important blog
Life in these United Emirates
Rants from the fake paradise
Sand Muncher
Notes from a sandpit
Sinking sands
Smokes and mirros in Dubai
The Sage in Dubai
The SandCastle
The Sublime Driveway
The New World Order
Your man in Dubai


BD said...

There are so many blogs in the two sidebars I didn't think it was worth adding more. But please add two of mine:

DM Blog (Dubai Marina)

MAG 218 Community--focussing on one Marina tower but including lots or related links, photos and commentary.

CG said...

Dubai rants is here-ish. coming back. Just busy with work.

samuraisam said...

I thought you'd moved from 'Dubai rants' to 'GET out of my way';
I left 'GET out of my way' on the blogroll.

samuraisam said...

bd: both added.

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

Thank you for the update ..... I appreciate removing the dead links ... I hope the community will keep growing though :)

AM said...

mmm do we necessarily need to post about Dubai to be added?

secretdubai said...

mmm do we necessarily need to post about Dubai to be added?

No - not at all. That's partly why there are two blogrolls. On the left are blogs that focus more on people's personal lives, thoughts, creative writing, photos and so on.

On the right are blogs that focus more on Dubai/UAE life and politics.

AM said...

Oh ok! thank you for the information!
what does it take for one to be added?

secretdubai said...

what does it take for one to be added?

You already are! If you would also like membership (so you can post here), just drop me an email to [my username here] at gmail.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...


I can't seem to find my blog, perhaps its under a different name? its www.pfantasmagoria.blogspot.com

Thank you.

samuraisam said...

It is located in the general blog roll (left column)

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