12 March, 2006

PSA: General Blogroll

*ting* *ting*


There are many stagnant blogs in the general blogroll; the one situated to the left hand side of your monitor you fool.

I just went through and removed all blawgs that have not made a single posting in the whole of 2006. The following blogs were removed:
Karma Karama -BELETED!
An Outsider Looking In -BELETED!
Antivert -BELETED!
Ashraf Sheikh -BELETED!
bsak rants -BELETED!
Dubai's City Pickers -BELETED!
Georgie's Jungle -BELETED!
Paddy in Dubai -BELETED!
The Commutist -BELETED!
The New World Order -BELETED!
Virtual Scribbles -BELETED!

If you want to argue your feeble case and plea that your blog deserves to be back on the list, make a half recent posting, and leave a comment.

*ting* *ting*
That will be all until I can be bothered to go through the list properly.

1 comment:

nzm said...

There's a few of those on the right-hand side too.

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