15 March, 2006

An Anomolous Comment


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An American living in Dubai seeks to understand his fellow man.
Read the whole thing.
An Emaratis Thoughts addressed to the American people.
Read the whole thing.
Both are truly inspired writing. Sometimes sadness brings out the best in us.

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posted by John B. Chilton at 3/14/2006 08:04:00 AM

Anomolous said...
Any comments on this poll?Attitudes ... improved slightly in the UAE, from 87 percent who said in 2002 that they disliked the United States to 73 percent this year.
12:18 AM

John B. Chilton said...
Point being?
5:38 AM

Anomolous said...
Point being that I thought we were concerned with those xenophobic Americans being overly irrational when 60+% of those polled were against the port deal and apparently in a state of widespread panic. But it looks like the subjects of the UAE are just as human as the rest of us.
7:55 AM

John B. Chilton said...
Nicely stated anomolous. Thank you for the clarification. Point taken. You are using the "everybody does it" argument, and it is a legitimate argument as long as it is not used to excuse one's own behavior.

Counterpoint: You fail, utterly, to distinguish between dislike of the US and like/trust for/of Americans. Consider that opposition to the US has to do with US foreign policy. I happen to be in the distinct minority that [believes] there is more good than bad to that policy. A minority both among residents of the UAE and among citizens of the US. (I am among both groups.) Residents of the UAE are not xenophobic - for God's sake most of us are xenos and we are welcomed by the 20% of the country who are Emiratis.

Your "logic" would lead to the conclusion that Americans dislike themselves.
9:34 AM

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