14 March, 2006

People's Daily Online -- Dutch immigration test including "offensive video"

People's Daily Online

Quote: Muslim leaders in the Netherlands say the film is offensive. "It really is a provocation aimed to limit immigration. It has nothing to do with the rights of homosexuals. Even Dutch people don't want to see that," said Abdou Menebhi, the Moroccan-born director of Emcemo, an organisation that helps immigrants to settle. He added: "They are trying to find every pretext to show that people should not come to the Netherlands because they are fundamentalist or not emancipated. They confront people with these things and then judge them afterwards." Famile Arslan, 34, an immigration lawyer of Turkish origin, agreed. "I have lived here for 30 years and have never been witness to two men kissing in the park. So why are they confronting people with that?" she said. She accused the government of preaching tolerance about civil rights while targeting non-westerners with harsh and discriminatory immigration curbs.

UPDATE: Chilton has a change of mind. It's not a spoof, and it's not wacky.


fabio prado said...

Dear John

Homossexualism is condemned by the 3 big monotheistic religions - Christians, Muslins and Jews. Than I see no point that the presentation of such video would be to affect directly Muslins, but to show that this kind of thing could be usual there and feel the person reaction.

For example, I really don't know if alcohol is forbidden in UAE, but imagine if I would an alcoholic trying to get a visa to live there. I should be warning before that I couldnt drink there and should know its usual too and should be respected, even if it seems an absurd for me.

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

It is a very stupid idea that shows who shallow and narrow minded are the Dutch immigration people.

What kind of common sense point are those idiots trying to prove here?

Samawel said...

It's always amusing how people like to define "Liberal" ...

To Fabio: actually some denominations of Christianity and Judaism don't have much of a problem with homosexuality. Some Muslims too.

It's still a stupid way of testing if people are good enough to become Dutch citizens. I'd suggest teaching immigrants History and how Liberalism and other philosophies have affected the Netherlands. (Would work for me)

John B. Chilton said...

My views on homosexuality would be revealed by a trip to visit another of my blogs, New Virginia Church Man and reading several of my posts. Nuanced is the way I would describe my perspective, but those with stronger convictions either way wouldn't label it that way.

The Dutch immigration procedure does appear to be seriously confused/flawed no matter what your perspective.

It makes me wonder if I've not just passed on a spoof.

secretdubai said...

The guy says they have a problem with gangs beating up gay couples in Holland.

So I think it's fair enough that they want to weed out people who have violent reactions against homosexuality. It's their country, after all.

The Dutch have an amazingly liberal, open country. The last thing they want is that affected by immigrant groups with different ideaologies.

Anonymous said...

To gain amnesty, let alone become a citizen, in a country is a privilege, not a right. The Dutch take pride in a long history of not discriminating against those who wish to live a life of choice. They have every right to safeguard this ideology against those who would take advantage of it. Unfortunately, there are those who call them narrow-minded for doing so, without demonstrating any understanding of the matter beyond the notion of homosexuality. If you are unable to watch a few video clips in exchange for immigration, you should question your priorities. If you feel you are discriminated against for being intolerant, you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

plain and simple Dutch immigration sucks. I seriously doubt the dutch have to deal with half as much BS, when immigrating to another land.

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