19 March, 2006

Congratulations to Tainted

"I am not going to do any more blogging!!!!! ALL THANKS TO YOU TAINTED-IN-UAE!!!!!!!!

Why dont yougo and starting dancing hah??????

why dont you Celebrate now!!!!!!

It appears that balushi has given up blogging.

Congratulations to Tainted for killing off that idiotic troll.


sheikha cheryl said...

"Troll" keeps coming up in regard to this Balushi.

Tainted Female said...

I swear I didn’t do anything at all, but speak logic! You can’t blame me because the guy doesn’t have comprehension skills!

samuraisam said...

sheikha cheryl: vocabulary tends to be limited when dealing with people who make fun of rape victims and are general idiots /:

tainted female: why are you defending yourself? YOU GOT RID OF BALUSHI. YOU DESERVE A GOLD MEDAL!

Tainted Female said...

Well, if you really think so... I'd much rather a cash; can buy pretty things with that.

No, seriously, it's not so much guilt, but the fact that I've not been blogging here a week and I've already caused caoss; in one way or another.

I wasn't expecting to make a splash so soon, is all.

nzm said...

I don't think that he's going to give up that easily - the lure of inciting others to respond to his inflammatory comments is like an addiction to him.

However, TF, if you've managed to do it, then more power to you!

MD said...

okayyyyyyyy, what did i miss? how did this happen?

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