13 March, 2006

Troll deletion

I loathe censorship as much as the next person, in fact most probably more so, therefore it is with some reluctance that I feel obliged to delete comments by the (non-registered) person calling themself "fawzi in ajman".

This person is not only rude, but of limited intelligence and understanding. Despite several members trying to explain, "fawzi" failed to understand the concept of a quote. Fawzi's ignorant, reactionary responses ruined debate in an otherwise interesting thread.

For the record and in case he/she returns, here's the difference:

1. Poodles are stupid.

2. The New York times says that "poodles are stupid".

At some point we have to draw a line. Those that can't tell the difference between these two statements really don't belong here.

EDIT: message from samuraisam: to the random idiots that leave anonymous comments like "Dubai is shit" or whatever else, you are very talented... *golf clap*... you are also BELETED!

EDIT 2: "fawzi" has started flaming, so anonymous comments are being switched off for now. You'll need to sign up for a (free) Blogger account to post.


secretdubai said...

You're the one that started it, fawzi. You attacked a poster who was quoting someone else and you still seem to have no concept of what a quote it.

Have your say all you like. Once you cross the line, in comes the big deletion machine.

My personal opinion is that your English and your education isn't advanced enough to understand why you caused a problem here. Until either or both improve, you will find things difficult here.

But as mentioned, there's an Arabic-language UAE community blog, and you are very welcome to go there and comment.

secretdubai said...

when u say alla rab governments routinley lie


NOBODY said that. Someone quoted a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE that said it.

You are frankly beyond hope.

samuraisam said...


samuraisam said...

fawzi in ajman: GET BELETED!

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