24 March, 2006

Road Closed: Dibba - Ras Al Kaimah

For anyone considering travelling the Dibba – Ras Al Kaimah road in the near future – don’t do it. You can’t get through.

After the rains about 4 weeks ago, the road through the wadi canyon has been washed away, and the area is almost unrecogniseable.

We drove about 5km from the Dibba end before we were stopped, and after walking up the wadi, it looks like there’s about 1km of rocks and gravel that’s going to have to be cleared and graded.
If anyone knows what the road is like from the RAK side, we’d love to hear about it.

It’s going to take a few months of work and considerable effort to cut another road.

Of course, there are no signs or barriers to tell drivers that the road is washed away. It would have annoyed us to have driven all the way from RAK to be turned back so close to Dibba!

More images on our blog, including a before and after of the affected area.

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