27 March, 2006

Link: Article in NYTimes about worker rights in the UAE

Hi all,

Here's a link to an article, dated 26th March, on the New York Times' website, entitled: In Dubai, an Outcry From Asians for Workplace Rights.

You will have to register with NYTimes (quick and painless) to read it.

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BD said...

I didn't have to register for access, so it's even easier.

Good article--informs those who wouldn't already know much about the situation here. I have my own analysis--a perspective that those already in Dubai could perhaps better relate to:

Take not from the mouth of labor

The overseas articles tend to dramatize the plight of the laborers, casting it in black and white. The workers become the victims, the construction industy, government, etc. the villains. I think the issue is much more complex than that. There is a kind of wrecklessness in the way some immigrants put themselves in harms way.

There are ongoing discussions and an online petition at Skyscrapercity.com, for those who want to get more involved:

Construction stops at Burj Dubai


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