13 March, 2006


According to CNN story,
In a recent speech, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said her country may adopt video conferencing methods to interview visa applicants, to save them going through the rigmarole of waiting in line at embassies and consulates.

"We are also exploring ways to use cutting-edge technology to transform traditional visa application methods. Later this year, we will begin testing how digital videoconferencing technology could rapidly expedite the issuing of visas," she added.

"Of course, we must ensure that the security of the visa process remains intact, as does the biometric information of applicants. Yet, if we can do this successfully, this process might make life dramatically easier for foreign citizens who must now travel great distances to be interviewed in person."
I would like too ask
Didn’t occur to Ms. Rice that to some nations to be able to use this kind of technology might be as difficult as traveling to be interviewed in person?


nzm said...

I guess that's the point of this - video conferencing will be the first step in the filtering process for qualifying for a visa.

If you can't videoconference, then you have failed to meet Step 1 and don't meet the criteria for acceptance.

Tim Newman said...

Or, maybe, the service is being made available in order to ease the burden for those that have video conferencing facilities, and those that do not will be able to apply in the normal method?

Or is this explanation not sufficiently sinister for those always on the lookout for hidden meanings in what are usually very straightforward statements by US politicians?

adevents said...

you might be right but as far as i know those that have video conferencing Facilities have also USA Embassies!

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