20 March, 2006

Spam of the day

The manager,
Cxxx Manufacturing Company Ltd,
No.x Clarendon Cross and
x Elystan Street. London
Tel: +44 1 21 618xxxx
Fax: +44 70 3040xxxx

Dear Sir,

We got your contact from the directory. There is a business we want to
transact with you. My name is Philip Richards Axxx, the manager of (Cxxx
Manufacturing Company Ltd) based here is London UK.

There is a product my company needs from Saudi Arabia, but we are having
problem from the owner of the stone due to language issue. Our company deals
on costumes such as Diamonds and Precious Stones. We have been purchasing
the product from Dubai, but it is very scarce now and we got information
that somebody has it in Saudi Arabia. Whenever we call the owner of the
product he will be answering us in his language: TATAMALEKU TATAMALEKU and
we do not understand what it means. This is why we want a reliable person or
company that will link us to the man

The phone number of the man is: 966 56 274xxxx and his name is Ahmad Mxxxxx.
We want you to call the man and confirm if he has the product, the name and
their prizes, it is of different types and but the one we want is (CRYSTAL
QUARTZ AND GANNET). The rate we use to buy from (DUBAI) is $400 per gram and
we need up to 5 kilos.

Assist us to know if the man has up to 5 kilos and each one gram we are
purchasing, we are adding 10% for your assistance. Please, immediately you
confirm, call us back with this number +44 1 21 618xxxx or fax us at +44 70
3040xxxx or get back to us by email so at to enable us arrange for the man
that will come with cash. We are waiting for your response so as to arrange
for VISA.

Sir, We are urgently in need of this material because of its lack in our
company. Once you confirm it, we will be coming monthly. Please, co-operate
with us because this is a business that will last long.

Philip Richards Axxx


grapeshisha said...

Nice, haven't received that one before. The London address with a Birmingham phone number was the first gem. And surely "tatamaleku" sounds a lot like "Salaam Alaikum" over a bad line.

At least they called you a "reliable person". You can sleep happy tonight.

Keefieboy said...

Go for it John!

Harsha said...

u actually read them?

nzm said...

Now John - please don't get into exporting GANNETS at any PRIZES from Saudi - they might have bird flu.



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