11 July, 2006

Anti-fraud blog

A new blog for the rolls, this one with a mission, as reported in 7Days:

"A Dubai resident has started a web site to log cases of car frauds in a bid to warn people against fraudsters. Dubai Law Connector says she has been fighting to get her car back for more than a year after selling it to a man who paid with a cheque for dhs100,000 that bounced. DLC hopes that her blog dubailaw.blogspot.com will help prevent other people from being duped too."

DLC plans to feature media reports on fraud with updates on court cases and investigations. A lot of people are stung by various frauds here, from black magic money-making to fake rent deposits, so Dubai Law Connection could be a useful site.


Jon Cox said...

Very interesting, entertaining & well written! Keep up the incredible work EVERYONE!! :o)

BD said...

Great idea--a blog that serves a civic purpose.

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