12 July, 2006


Arab language webpages can be auto-translated into English by pasting the following code in front of the URL:


After the equals sign (=) would come the Arabic webpage's URL. So to read the Arabic site in the sidebar, Arab Concerns, you would precede its URL,


with the code shown above, to get


You will then have an English auto-translation of this link.

I've highlighted the en and ar as these can be substitued or switched to get different translations, such as English to Arabic, or by using fr for French, ru for Russian, and so on. HTML users might want to experiment with different lanugages and make clickable buttons for the translations--esentially the way the little flags work on this site.

Note: These are auto-translations (a service provided by Google), which means they will have errors. Reading will require quite a bit of interpretation.


Woke said...

Thanks for the tip, BD. Very useful.

BD said...

Just came across this, Etisalat offering instant translations of Arabic/Enlish - English/Arabic just by dialing 1002.

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