13 July, 2006

IDF was preparing for a widespread operation not only against Hizbullah but also against the Lebanese government

Jerusalem Post:
According to Herzog, Israel is holding Lebanon responsible for the attack, which was carried out from its territory.

OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said the IDF was preparing for a widespread operation not only against Hizbullah but also against the Lebanese government. The IDF, The Jerusalem Post learned, has drawn up plans to bomb main infrastructure, including power stations in Lebanon.

"The IDF is responding with its full might by the air, the sea and the ground," Adam said. "We are also preparing for a massive operation....
Meanwhile, Europeans tilt towards Israel. More here.


Seabee said...

And look at this lunatic statement, reported by AFP:
The White House held Syria and Iran responsible,

bandicoot said...

As we all know the wide spread Israeli military campaign has been going on unabated since last night; it's almost a total war, mainly against the civilian population and the vital infrastructure in Lebanon. Beirut International airport is out of commission. I've also seen already some horrific scenes of civilian casualties in Lebanese villages in the south (47 dead so far and many injured); Whole families wiped out. The fact is none of the Israeli claims about how civilian facilities homes are used by Lebanese militias can be confirmed. They often pull these pathetic excuses to cover for a ruthless policy of collective punishment. They routinely lie with a straight face and they know they can get away with murder. Public opinion can have some weight in the long term, but (as we saw with the Iraq war and with Israel in the past) it's almost useless in times like this. The only thing that can make a difference is either a firm American position to calm down the situation and find a peaceful way of resolving it (and preferably the whole tangle of the Arab-Israel conflict); or a strong pressure from the Israeli people to change the strategy of their government. We saw this happen in the during Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon; first the massacres of thousands of Palestinian refugees by Lebanese Christian militias (facilitated by the Israeli forces) resulted in some American pressure and an outcry within Israel against Sharon and his generals and thus forces Israeli forces out of Beirut; and second a determined and effective Lebanese resistance to Israel's occupation of its southern territory for many years finally convinced Barak to withdraw Israeli forces to the border. Whether history is repeating itself or not, real peace remains as elusive as ever, a reality that shows the miserable failure of the leaderships in all of the countries involved, within the area and outside of it.

bandicoot said...

It's very revealing that Madeline Albright says that the US policy in the region is "caught in a prefect storm". The failures and setbacks are too many to count; and the accomplishments are hard to come by; more here.

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