30 July, 2006

Some people like to talk and some don't

فيما تواصلت حملة المساعدات التي افتتحت في السعودية والبحرين والأردن والامارات، أثار انتباه السعوديين الذين سعوا منذ الأربعاء لتقديم مساهماتهم، اقدام شاب سعودي معاق على التبرع بكرسيه المتحرك، وخروجه زاحفا من مكان التبرعات بحسب تقرير للزميل عبدالنبي شاهين نشرته صحيفة "الخليج" الاماراتية الجمعة 28-7-2006.
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Anonymous said...

Translation please???

fawzi in ajman said...

if i am correct, it's about the ongoing donations for lebanon in bahrain,saudi,jordan ,uae,etc it seems that 1 disabled guy from saudi donated his wheelchair for the cause, over there in saudi arabia.& after he donated it he crawled away from the donations office.

BuJ said...


Whereas there have been campaigns in the UAE, Jordan, Saudi, and Bahrain to raise monies (for lebanon); the Saudis who have been raising money since Wednesday noted a "young disabled man who donated his wheelchair and managed to leave the donation place crawling as eyewitness Abdul Nabi Shaheen noted" Published by the UAE newspaper Al Khaleej on Friday 28 07 2006.

BuJ said...

fawzi you beat me by 1 minute! hehe

fawzi in ajman said...

sorry! enjoy! toodles!

marwan said...

Quite a showboater, that young man.

No reason he couldn't bought another wheelchair first?

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