25 July, 2006


edit by samuraisam: the following has been found inaccurate (by its author); please before posting such information check the accuracy of it. I am placing a strikethrough over it to prevent any possible misinormation.

This is an urgent warning on extreme weather conditions expected to on
Friday and it will last for at least 24 hours!!!

Due to the current weather development very strong winds is expected of
Friday, according to the forecast that we have received wind speeds of
60mph and more is expected. This is because of a weather system that is
moving down the gulf and it is expected to reach Dubai on Friday!!!

An office I know in Qatar has closed all operations and they are now
trying to secure everything as far as possible to prevent fly debris.
Waves in excess of 5m are also forecasted.

Please inform everybody about this expected adverse weather condition.
According to the forecast the wind speeds are likely to increase as the
system moves down the gulf and it is expected wind speeds will be the
highest recorded it the region.

The message for the people is to stay in doors on Friday and avoid the


sand in the vaseline said...

Sorry dude... maybe look before your post...

An office in Qatar you know... have you spoken with them directly?

In the last week the max wind in Doha has been 14mph. That a little breeze...

This emails is going around Dubai far faster than the wind is...


Emirates Mac said...

If this is true it's worth telling people about it. Are there any official sources (web sites) that you can point us to where can check this out?

Seabee said...

There's nothing like this on any of the weather forecasts.
For Friday they all say sunny, high cloud, around 40C but nothing about high winds.

ORB-UAE - Creative Club said...


Had another friend chk this out. He called up the met office...the report is negative - clear weather on Friday they say. T
his email was forwarded to me from the lotus notes of an international organisation here in Dubai...so I took the chance and posted it. Apologies!

(a very red-faced orb-uae!)

GODDIEN said...

Not that Im venturing out this friday too see that yellow caterpillar. :D

Doubleletter said...

Shucks, I had already begun digging a shelter. :P

MD said...

Dubai: A weather forecaster on Tuesday assured people that a heavy storm is not expected in Dubai on Friday after a hoax e-mail warned residents to stay indoors.

Phil Targett, duty forecaster at Dubai International Airport, said Friday is expected to be a normal day and that there was no cause for concern.

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