23 July, 2006

Healthy Food UAE

Ages ago I started Healthy Food UAE as a LiveJournal community blog for people to discuss healthy food and eating in the UAE and Middle East.

It went inactive, but I would like to revive it. There are a lot of people here and in the wider region struggling with weight issues, diabetes, or just not having enough time/money to eat as healthily as they would like. There must also be a lot of people out there with great recipes to share, and local restaurant suggestions.

If anyone would like to join up, they would be very welcome. You can just click here. It's free to get a LiveJournal account, and the features are much richer than Blogger (for example if you comment in LiveJournal and anyone replies to your comment, you get email notification). Also if you want to post something more personal, you can do it in such a way that only community members can see.

Healthy Food UAE

- recipes
- articles on healthy eating
- information relating to diabetes
- dietary advice
- features on healthy foods
- links to other useful resources
- restaurant reviews

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