17 July, 2006

FARK.com: (2174497) Why conspiracy theories are a good thing

Link: FARK.com: (2174497) Why conspiracy theories are a good thing

7DAYS Women's Blog makes it to Fark, misuses who's. Oh well. I like the conclusion:
what believing in conspiracy theories does for those who believe in them is actually quite profound: It hands control of your world to someone else. By believing that the forces that control the world are unknowable and beyond our control, we remove any responsibility for them ourselves. How can we feel like a failure, or gulity over something we have done, when a) it was someone else’s fault, and b) I will never be able to do anything about it, because this person is so powerful that (s)he is untouchable.


trailingspouse said...

A lot of atheists would argue that religion holds a similar appeal.

nick said...

I love the theory that Superman has been spotted flying around Sheik Zayed Road...

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