31 July, 2006

Locals quit so often it makes firing cost fear immaterial?

Dr Ali bin Abdullah Al Kaabi, Minister of Labour, ... pointed out that a large number of UAE nationals are graduates and are seeking jobs. But employers prefer to hire expatriate workforce because they are available easily and their jobs can be terminated easily without having to pay heavy compensation. But, this is not true in the case of nationals who demand high salaries and leave their jobs easily for better offers, he pointed out.
Excuse me, but high quit rates are another reason employers are reluctant to hire nationals.


trailingspouse said...

The Labour Minister is finally noticing the fact that the labour market is so skewed in favour of employers that it is having an adverse effect on national job seekers. I wonder if he will do anything to redress the balance? Just goes to show that messing with a free market eventually comes back and bites you on the a**.

nzm said...

Oh but they are!

So far they've introduced schemes where:
- HR positions should only be filled by Nationals
- Secretarial positions should only be filled by Nationals.

Then, when they back out of the latter, it's suggested that those companies who are employing expatriates in secretarial positions should also pay the equivalent of the secretary's wage to subsidise the training of a National for secretarial work.

I'm all for introducing schemes that add value, but to put a blanket decree over certain positions is just ludicrous. How many National people would be trained for HR and secretarial positions, do you think?

Tainted Female said...


You missed the first position...

PRO's for nationals only.


Anonymous said...

i agree.. if they do, why dont they (the Labor Ministry) be fair in terms of the holiday dates. As u know, govt sector have longer holiday breaks while private sector have only few days. Locals are discouraged by this, ormaybe they will impose holidays not based on the sector you work in, perhaps we will read next time.... "5 days holiday for national employees and 2 days for expats".
oh my, it's nice to be a local, isn;t it?

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