16 July, 2006

As sweet as chocolate, as sweet as love!

I have to say that I hate that part of human being's brain which gets out of control when some body falls in love. I can compare that with getting addicted to drugs, you know that you have to stop, but you are not able to. Though it has been quite long time ago when I found myself not able to manage my feelings, I still have to see some nice people who are in serious trouble with a particular relationship, but they cannot split, or they are so depressed after the break up that they can not live their life.I have read in some article that when you fall in love, one particular chemical substance is being made in your brain which is exaclty the same when you are eating chocolates. For the same reason that you con not stop yourself from enjoying a piece of chocolate, it can be absolutely difficult to push away the strong feeling of being in love, though you know that it is not good for you. Stone-hearted people like me, have an advantage that they will never get heart-broken, but they will never taste the sweetness of love, which does not sound good at all. Imagine that you are not able to enjoy any piece of Chocolate, even those hand-made expensive ones from Northern Europe!


BD said...

Well, Nadia, I think you sell yourself short. Even the most hard-hearted is susceptible to the right touch--figuratively speaking, that is.

modthing said...

Nadia...evidently we haven't met...

Doubleletter said...

Pffff. This does not belong here.

Setup your own blog, and post a link here if you like.

[grouchy look]

The Image Village said...

This lovesick molecule has a one year life span, but cleanup can last years.

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