13 July, 2006

Blogging Coming of Age

There was an interesting article in GN two days ago about the popularity and influence of blogging particularly in India, Beware! The bloggers are watching! It pointed to blogging being the second most common internet interest after email--far surpassing people's perusal of adult content. The suggestion was not so much that large numbers of people are blogging, as it was that so many people are reading blogs.

That is encouraging for us here in the UAE who like to blog. There is an audience. People come to blogs for information instead of relying totally on what they get from traditional media.


Emirates Mac said...

I certainly believe that there is an audience for anyone who would want to blog about whatever they're interested in.

BD said...

I think it quite remarkable when a blog or a site achieves readership due to the sheer quantity of stuff on the web. It would be like looking at a magazine rack and finding not a couple hudred different choices but 10,000. What are the odds of a reader landing on your paticular post. Of course, the search engines help to target sites and direct browsers, so items of relevance can be found. But the sheer quantity of what is out there is still staggering.

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