09 July, 2006

BBC NEWS :: Guggenheim expands into Emirates

Guggenheim expands into Emirates:
Architect Frank Gehry is to design the Guggenheim Foundation's largest museum in the United Arab Emirates. The museum, which will cover 30,000 square metres, will be built in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Guggenheim's flagship museum for modern and contemporary art is in New York but there are branches in Bilbao, Berlin, Venice and Las Vegas.
Pretty nifty.


bandicoot said...

“Al Hosn Palace, the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, is to be converted into a national museum… [It] will be modelled after the Louvre Museum.” More on this and related stories here. Looks like Abu Dhabi is on a museum building campaign!

Anonymous said...

how about getting the people interested in arts first ?

Anonymous said...

I think it is rather wonderful that the cultural wasteland that is Abu dhabi is to have a museum named for a powerful Jewish-American family and designed by a Jewish architect.

Samawel said...

I think it's great, about time.

anonymous@12:03: I think there are people interested in arts, you just aren't lucky enough to know them.

anonymous@12:17: Cultural wasteland, you may think, there's lots underground. Start wandering around the city, AD and Dubai, you'll be surprised.

secretdubai said...

Start wandering around the city

In this heat?!

I count it a miracle if I travel the distance between door and carpark without collapsing ;)

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..and guess what, my favourite architect is going to design it :):) this is going to be the best architectureal peice in the middle east, created by the best architect living today... nothing much to say rather than cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers :D

Woke said...

Very good news indeed.

Samawel said...

hehe, at night would be good.

BD said...

But will any nude art be displayed? I just wonder if the whole concept can really work in Abu Dhabi.

BD said...

OMG! Just read the news article. I can't believe the Guggenheim will be built on Sadiyaat island. I worked on the island for 4 years from 2000-2004. To me and my colleagues the island was a joke and a wasteland. Even then there was talk of turning it into an island of commerce and banking to join the ranks of London and New York. All we could say about that then was "Right..." with a snicker. But now they're talking about the Guggenheim. I'll have to see it to believe it.

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