22 July, 2006

Apple User Group starting up

Trying to take advantage of the Community Blog's enormous readership, and dedicated contributors, we're announcing here the start of a User Group for anyone in the UAE interested in Apple stuff, including Mac and iPod. The User Group has a first meeting on August 8th and we're starting a series of theme nights on August 14th. We have more events and activities planned but exactly what the User Group will do depends of course on who joins and what the members want to do.

Questions and comments via email to usergroup [at] emiratesmac [dot] com or go here.


BD said...

Great news. Count me in, though from Abu Dhabi don't know how many meetings I could make.

Emirates Mac said...

Well you're welcome of course. We will alternate between Abu Dhabi and Dubai for our meetings.

fellow atheist said...

I use a mac, love a mac.. but not sure what this group would actually offer or why you would meet?

Emirates Mac said...

"Atheist", in my experience, Mac users tend to want to meet other Mac users, learn new things, chat about Mac stuff, exchange experience and ideas, and just have a good time. To my knowledge there has not been any organized community - online or offline - for Apple users in the UAE, so we thought we'd try to get one going. But this will become only what the members make of it. We have a humble attempt at describing what the user group can be about here. Perhaps you should register and come along to a meeting? Maybe we can make you see the value of a user group.

secretdubai said...

It's a great idea - particularly as Mac users are still in a minority here, and it's hard to get practical help and tips on things.

Sadly AD is too far from my cell block to travel to, so I'll have to wait until Dubai.

Samawel said...

how about a usergroup for linux users... Am I the only one using a linux, at least somewhat-frequently?

Doubleletter said...

hi samawel,

I'm using linux.

There's already a linux user group, co-ordinated by Golden Sun Dubai. I'm a long-dormant member :P

Regards, DL

Emirates Mac said...

"secretdubai" - I'm sure the guards in your cell block would let you out for brief visit once in a while, even to visit Abu Dhabi. Perhaps once we get going more there can be some car-pooling happening.

"Samawel" - You can always run Linux on a Mac and join our group ;-) Pretty much all Linux distors have at least a PPC version. As far as I know there is a Linux group in Dubai but I don't know more than that.

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