23 July, 2006

Picture Query

Anybody recognise this spot?

Supposedly an airconditioned bus stop in Dubai.


Seabee said...

This is the prototype of the a/c bus shelter tested a few weeks ago. I don't know where it was set up.

Gulf News carried a story here:


MD said...

how much will they charge for that now? good things don't come for free.

Woke said...

They have a plan for making all bus-stops airconditioned in a few years time if reports are to be believed.
Maybe they will increase the bus fare or something.

Anonymous said...

Corporate sponsorships can help avoid that.

nzm said...

Well, if that's the name of the bus-stop location on it, looks like the first one will be going somewhere on Jumeirah Beach Road near the Burj Al Arab - so that the rich tourists can see how well the workers are looked after, as they drive past in their Bentleys, BMWs and Rolls Royces!


Axonsax said...

and like anyone in a dishdash would be waiting for a bus........

Seabee said...

md, here's how they'll pay for it RTA will earn Dh17.5 million per annum from the company Right Angel Media. The company will earn through advertisements in and outside the shelters and vending machines. A total investment of Dh210 million will be made by the investor over the next 10 years.

nzm, so I guess that's what the Jumeirah branding is all about, even on the prototype.

Axonsax, that must be the officials inside - they went to check it out, said it was too hot so the a/c has to be re-done. And the seats weren't comfortable enough, so they have to be redone too.

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