14 July, 2006

A hard rain's gonna fall

The Israeli Defense Forces have named their relentless military operation in Gaza “Summer Rain," which is cruel and sarcastic given the political, historical, and environmental context of the Eastern Mediterranean. From early May to mid-September, one can expect clear skies and no precipitation. What is raining, though, is fire and metal, along with leaflets bearing chillingly familiar threats. The Middle East is in dire need of the refreshing rains of law, justice, sanity, and wisdom. The clouds on the horizon, though, are full of fire and death, not life-giving water.

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BD said...

It's all so sad to see. Wasn't Beirut, even with the Hariri assassination, starting to normalize and become a popular and enjoyable place again? Weren't the 1980's there an unbelievable nightmare? How can the world sit by and let that all happen again?

Doubleletter said...

bd, with gold, oil, and greenbacks in their pockets, because they don't care.

blogrosh said...

Well the Americans can't do much because the all the Jews control most of the wealth factors in this country - anything against Israel and the US is back to the crash of 1929 scenario.

So the white lil pussies, sit back and "support" Israel.

BD said...

I don't buy the Jewish conspiracy argument. The reason a lot of things that should (or should not) happen in America don't is more likely because the general voting public refuses to educate itself and take matters of international significance seriously.

The American public's vision is myopic, when, as long as the US is a global power, it should be global. The politicians take advantage of this to do what politicians do.

9/11 caused a brief re-think, but then Iraq made things again business as usual. There's no Jewish conspiracy. There is a lot of apathy and ignorance on the part of the American public.

blogrosh said...

bd dear - perhaps you should live in NYC (or you may already have) - I agree with you 101% American public is super ignorant to rest of the world, infact these are the most ignorant bunch I have come across my travels. And yes the politicians with bags of hidden agendas know this aspect of the average American Joe & Jane and take complete advantage.

However, coming back to the Jewish "conspiracy" - it is not a "conspiracy" BUT true blue reality. Even the most "ignorant" American knows the Jewish community controls whole of New York City, most of California and Chicago - the hubs of USA.

It's amazing you can walk around New York/New Jersey and there are open banners asking the public to support Israel. I mean just look at the Bloomberg’s, Schumers, Martha Stewarts, Hollywood studio and production icons, Goldman Sachs, Lehman brothers, AIG Gurus and tons more.

There are very few politicians, except for Schumer and Lieberman - but they do "control" most of the US economy - the monies lie with them - and they will push the Americans to support Israel even if that means the extent of a full fledged war against another country.

What do you think happened in the 1967 wars and when Israel declared independence mate?

You should watch the debates between Politicians and high profile personalities in the TV channels - some of them refuse to bring accountability to Israel and all of them unwillingly "hold back" even their true sentiments/comments.

When Howard Dean, made comments in his presidential election about US closeness to Israel - he was hushed away and "educated" on non-supportive comments against Israel.

People in this country knows all too well, why the US is unwillingly perhaps supportive of Israel - do you think GWB or the US would sit back and watch if any other country does what Israel is doing to Lebanon? Hell No!

Oh btw - I am not for or against Israel. I think there are common souls in both sides trying to live a peaceful life with a home and family. I just don't support this sort of aggression on innocent folks - I am sure the Mosad can easily take out the Radical Hezbollah leader without destroying all of Lebanon - and this is what makes me think, perhaps there is more to Israel's actions than just recovering it's soldiers.

BD said...

Blogrosh, we do agree on most points. The best I can respond to your detail on the power of Jews in America is that I never saw it that way growing up or living there. But I didn't live in NYC.

I know that a lot of Christian fundementalist in the US are big supporters of Israel, which is in part due to some exteme positions they take on certain Biblical passages.

I believe some people are just sypathetic due to the whole halocaust thing.

I agree pretty much with your statement...
do you think GWB or the US would sit back and watch if any other country does what Israel is doing to Lebanon? Hell No!
Although I would add that it would still depend on who the invader and who the invaded are. If the Congo invaded Ruwanda, I don't think Bush would have much to say.

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