21 July, 2006

No more 1 dirham pepsi

Prices of soft drinks have gone by 50 fils at many places in Dubai since Wednesday. Groceries and cafeterias are selling a can of soft drink for Dhs 1.50. At some places they are being sold at 1.25 fils. The price rise is attributed to the sudden increase in the price by whole- sale dealers who supply soft drinks to various grocery shops and cafeterias in Dubai.
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the reason said...

wrong link,no?

blogrosh said...

barbie or bebsi?

samuraisam said...

Yeah sorry, I think the article URL changes every time they update their website; cos I sure don'e remember reading about barbie.

Mise said...

Can't argue with that price increase ...Pepsi's been Dh 1 since I came here in 1993!!

MD said...

ahhhh oh well. and tea is for dh1 now in sharjah.

milo bloom said...

but both pepsi & coke taste like malted battery acid!

John B. Chilton said...

I predicted this. Too bad I didn't tell anyone but myself -- does nothing for my pundithood.

Also look for the candy bars in vending machines to get smaller -- or has that happened already?

A few years ago bottled water in the vending machines got smaller instead of there being a change in the coins you had to dig out of your pocket. Did you notice?

It's not so easy to change the size of cans.

blogrosh said...

Mise - Bebsi has been 1 Dh in the UAE since I was born sometime in the 1970's : )

ah such end of the 1Dh Bebi era - so sad - oh well it is what it is.

Hey u can still get shawarmas for 2dhs in Ajman - that hasn't changed since the 70's : )

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