14 July, 2006

Can you help us? Donated clothes required urgently for labourers.


We are in urgent need of clean clothes in good condition for labourers who have lost everything except the workclothes they were wearing in a recent fire at their camp in Dubai.

Creative Majlis is collecting clothes which we shall distribute to this camp this week.

We'd like to complete the collection of the first lot of donated clothes by 7.00 pm tomorrow evening that is 15 July, Saturday. If there is a need, we might extend the campaign further to meet as many needs of these workers as we possibly can.

If you'd like to donate clean and ironed clothes for these adult males, or help us with the logistics and transportation, or in any other way, please get in touch with:

Farrukh Naeem in Abu Dhabi: 050-7151722
Sandeep Ramanujam in Dubai: 050-2570433
Kapil Verma in Sharjah: 050-8457606

Looking forward to your support,

Farrukh Naeem
Co-founder & co-moderator
Creative Majlis


BD said...

Great drive--wish I could offer more than moral support. Presently stuck in a desert outpost.

BD said...

Farrukh, could you please let us know about the outcome of this effort?

ORB-UAE - Creative Club said...
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ORB-UAE - Creative Club said...

BD, posting the updates from the Creative Majlis forum:

CAMPAIGN UPDATE For The Workers Relief Effort:

Good news - we've collected the first lot of clothes, and the rapid and extremely generous response by people in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah has astounded us.

We've received washed and clean clothes for workers ranging from formal shirts, trousers to t-shirts to shalwar kameez / kurta pajama and even new packs of undergarments.

While t-shirts,shirts and trousers would be worn by a majority of workers from India and Bangladesh, workers from Pakistan would be happy with shalwar kameez suits.

Some generous donors have also volunteered to supply or fund the entire stock of cooking utensils and flip-flops (chappals) for the workers.

Some have volunteered to collect clothes for us from their friends, neighbours.

We are truly humbled by the response!

As word spreads more and more people are contacting us, wanting to help in so many ways.

If you missed out in the first collection drive that ended on Saturday, but still want to help with clothes or in any other way in this project, please contact:

Sandeep for Dubai: 050 2570433
Farrukh for Abu Dhabi: 050 7151722
Mufaddal for Sharjah: 050 5955975

Thank you all for helping us make this happen,

Farrukh Naeem & Mayura Sandeep
Founders & Moderators

Farrukh Naeem said...

Hi BD,

Thanks for your interest.

Orb-UAE has been kind enough to spread the word while we are busy with the logistics, and also post updates as above. Thanks Orb.

Kindly contact us on the numbers above - there is still a lot we can do together.

Also, you are invited to visit Creative Majlis - a global network of people volunteering their skills and expertise for social change and join us here.

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