14 July, 2006

Buddha Bar disc covers

Can someone please explain why all the Buddha Bar disc covers have been censored by a large round black sticker (at the music store next to the Grand Cineplex theatre...I haven't checked anywhere else yet)...One explanation I was given was that buddha is a pagan symbol therefore it is not sensitive to the local culture...but if this is true why are buddhas and other such 'pagan' objects available for purchase at mall stands and other retail outlets all over town? If this pagan thing is true then somebody better tell the guys over at the Buddha Bar in the marina to cover up those huge Buddha statues, 'cause they must have missed out on the memo...


secretdubai said...

I know they had to promote the big buddha as a "statue of a monk", not the idol of a god/buddha, or whatever.

Btw I edited a title into your post - it makes the archive links neater (and possibly more findable in Google).

urbanite82 said...

gotcha, and thanks for the feedback :)

BD said...

Censorship is thankfully not uniformly or consistently applied. So you'll have this picture in that magazine blackened and not another showing perhaps the same "offensive" image. To censor everything would be a humongous task, the only way to achieve being to create a state like Saudi Arabia or Taliban Afghanistan.

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