19 July, 2006


As you've probably heard the internet in the UAE is pretty much screwed for the next week or so while Etisalat uses shifting of undersea cables as an excuse to maximise their third-quarter profit margin...

If you planned on paying any bills in the next few days, it sounds like you may not be able to...

ABU DHABI — Processing of transactions and other work at some ministries were adversely affected due to a slowdown in the Internet service in the past two days, your favourite No.1 newspaper Khaleej Times has learnt.
Speaking to your favourite No.1 newspaper Khaleej Times yesterday, an employee at the Ministry of Health (MoH) complained: “We experienced the slowdown yesterday afternoon. Nearly all the 800 computers at the ministry are affected as we have only one server. Most of the work is delayed. We are expecting that the Internet will be activated tomorrow or the day after.”
-- More here

Funny, someone from the ministry of health had time to visit my blog 3 times yesterday...


Harsha said...

Samurai Sam!
Thats probably why they were annoyed!

cuz of all the troubles they had trying to access your blog. :p

dina carol said...

is khaleej times really "your favourite number 1 newspaper"?

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