10 July, 2006

Dubai, A Cultural Bouquet

If we were asked to define each neighborhood in Dubai in terms of its cultural or ethnic character, what would we come up with? Would Karama be Indian? Would Jumeirah be British or Western? Of course, few areas could be labelled in any exclusive terms.

In places like New York City, you have some clearly defined neighborhhoods, like Itallian, Jewish, Chinese, etc. I share some thoughts about the Western characteristics of Dubai in my post the West, but that is just a part of the story of this city.

One interesting note. If you ever visit International City, you will really feel that you are in a Chinatown. Not only is there the huge Dragon Mart, but all the Chinese shopkeepers and workers that are employed there live in the neighboring district of China. Wouldn't it be great if Int'l City's Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. also become real ethnic communities inhabited by their respective nationals?


Anonymous said...

evidently, the locals think its a bouquet with thorns.

BD said...

Well, I admit the floral bouquet paints a bit too rosey an image. It was just a metaphor that came to me quickly. My first thought, actually, was fruit bowl, but that obviously doesn't sound right either.

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