30 July, 2006

India planning stricter immigration laws

Has anyone else noticed this? I haven't seen anyone mention it:

The Indian government will soon tighten immigration laws for unskilled labourers travelling abroad for work.

Clearance by the immigration authorities will only be given after the companies recruiting the unskilled labourers submit relevant documents and get these attested by the Indian consulate or embassy...

Apparently this was also in the Gulf News, but I missed it that day.


Vikram said...

Sure lets give UAE businessmen more reason to hire Filipino's then ?

Woke said...

Yes, the laws are being implemented as per what I had read, but it remains to be seen how effective it is going to be.

I think it is important for all countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to put such laws in place and avoid a situation where low-income workers find themselves investing a huge amount to get their visa processed only to find themselves in places like UAE in worse living conditions.

The businessmen would be looking for workers who are efficient, their nationalities does not matter as long as they are fine with the pay.

Mme Cyn said...

I agree with Woke. It appears to be very easy for shyster employment brokers to seduce workers from the subcontinent with promises of jobs that turn sour with living conditions that aren't fit for human consumption. Although I'm usually against governments getting too involved with people's lives, this is one law I'm glad to hear about. Any local who wants to hire unskilled labor should be forced to say up front what the work and conditions are, and then be made to stick by them. Of course, India can't control how the UAE does business, but wouldn't it seem that an upfront promise would give the poor workers something to fight with in court?

Georgia said...

Yes, Vikram, exactly what is your problem with Filipinos???

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