18 July, 2006

Destroyed aid truck

A truck carrying United Arab Emirates medical aid for Lebanon was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike today, an Emirates official said.

In Beirut, a Lebanese security official confirmed that one truck in a convoy of vehicles transporting Emirates aid had been hit and set on fire as it was travelling along a mountain road shortly after crossing into Lebanon.

The convoy, which included ambulances, was clearly marked as a relief operation, the Emirates official said.

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moryarti said...


MD said...

burn israel, burn. assholes.

bandicoot said...

Sam, I saw several reports on this and one mentioned that the driver was killed; not sure if it's same aid truck though as several trucks (and cars) were hit during the day and destroyed. But the convoy of 23 UAE ambulances heading for Beirut was forced to retreat.

Tainted Female said...

It's an absolute disgrace.

I can't wait to see how Israel & America defend this one.

(((dXb))) said...

More reason for you to sign the petition here: Save the Lebanese Civilians.

Come to think of it, Lebanese civilians are not the only ones affected by these madness of Israel, but also other citizens/nationalities who are working/touring there.

My question is, is Israel that powerful a nation that other countries tolerate it's obvious violation even if it is harming these countries' citizens?

Harsha said...

I saw a report in GN about a Cargo plane taking over 15 ambulances to Beirut from UAE.

I hope like the UAE, other countires close by try to put in some aid too.

Never known much about Beirut before, browsed over the city in Google Earth, its BEAUTIFUL!

I just dont know what else to say...seeing the pictures of the bombings and all... feels like a lump in my heart.

what are they trying to achieve...?

Shaikh Tailfeather said...

Harsha, it may surprise you, but there is really one person who is smiling all the way to the bank over all this...he's already achieved his immediate objective...

...his name is Shaikh Hassan Nasrallah.

Ahmad said...

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Seabee said...

Tainted, they don't need to defend what they're doing. They either simply say it was a mistake and they regret it, as they've done so many times in the past, and just carry on doing what they're doing, or they don't even bother with the lie and just shrug their collective shoulders.
Who can do anything about it?

Tainted Female said...


It looks as though you're right. I haven't seen one comment from Israel or the US concerning this.

It's absolutely disgusting.

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