14 July, 2006

Saudis promote kingdom for tourism :: Sydney Morning Herald

Quote: Tours by groups of both sexes will be allowed - as long as a father or brother is with any single women under 40. Visitors must follow local customs, and a booklet printed in several languages will be distributed to tourists instructing them on Saudi's strict social traditions.
. . .

All female tourists will be required to dress according to Saudi tradition: covered from head to toe with only their face, hands and feet exposed. And in the most conservative city, the capital, Riyadh, women must wear a black robe over their clothes.


bandicoot said...

Well, I don' twant to be too cynical, but with all these strings attached, I'd imagine many women( and men) would rather tour Lebanon now than go to KSA...

secretdubai said...

A saudi once explained to me that the 40-years-old rule in in place because above that age:

"when [note - not "if"] a woman is raped, then there will not be the problem of a baby."

Saudi is the Kingdom of Satan as far as I am concerned.

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