28 July, 2006

Farmer's jailed for sitting on Koran - INQ7.net

A farmer's daughter from Kibungan town who went to work as a maid in the United Arab Emirates in April has been jailed for accidentally sitting on the Koran.

Provincial officials said the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has learned that a Shariah court sentenced Serafina Toyan, 26, to a one-month’s jail term on July 18 and also ordered her deported after serving her sentence.
. . .
Toyan arrived in Abu Dhabi in April. Her father sold their only carabao to pay for her placement fee.

Badejim Abdullah, an Islamic scholar based in Baguio City, said sitting on the Koran is considered blasphemous and punishable if done intentionally to desecrate Islam.


Harsha said...

who noticed and went and reported it?

samuraisam said...

confined at the Al Rahba jail during the day but moved to the Al Wathba central prison at night.

I'm really in disbelief reading this; perhaps tearing up a quran / burning it; but sitting on it?
This is just sad.

MD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MD said...

...this was unintentional :S so why this...ughhh!

Bloglingo said...

WTF! The crap you go to jail for over here is unbelievable.

bin3li said...

can't believe it
I think it's a fabricated story for the sake of making news!


Mme Cyn said...

Oh I believe it. Students are constantly leaving religious tracts on teachers' desks anonymously where I work, and everyone is afraid to throw them out because they don't want to be seen disrespecting the name of god. We sneak them home and put them into our own trash rooms in umarked plastic bags.

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