18 July, 2006

Thou shalt blog every day

Does blog post frequency matter? Eric Kintz says no, at least not for most blogs. He gives 10 reasons. Actually many of the reasons are not about building a successful blog, but have to do with the health of the blogosphere - he's not clear on the distinction.


secretdubai said...

Well it depends on your readers. If they tend to subscribe (eg email, RSS, Bloglines) rather than visit, then infrequency isn't a problem. But if they are making the manual effort to visit your blog each day to check, then they can be disappointed if there is nothing for days on end.

Blogrolling's blogrolls are useful for the manual checkers, because they give some indication of whether a blog has new material or not.

Emirates Mac said...

Frequency is important, but so is quality and content. I subscribe to some feeds where I know there'll be a post only every other week or so, but I know that each post is really good, so I stay subscribed.

I don't think it's as important to publish every day as it is to publish well and with a passion. You need to be really interested in what you write about, then you have some authority, and that's important. That comes through in what you write, I think, but in different ways for different writers.

trailingspouse said...

OMG competitive blogging! Whatever happened to only saying something when you've got something worth saying?

BD said...

I suppose some of us think we have something worth saying all the time. :)

That's an interesting link, JC. If I manage to finish reading through it all, I'll probably link it to my post on blogging.

I agree it's both quality and frequency, quality being the more important. You can never in fact write or post too much, because no one is being forced or coerced into reading it. But if one writes a lot, I think they have to present it in chunks, as people are usually hunched up at their terminals, not comfortably seated in a lounge chair.

Eric Kintz said...

Happy you enjoyed the post, John. Some bloggers may need any type of traffic to generate revenues. But for most of us, quality and joining the community are the critical success factors to reaching your target audience and achieving your blogging goals (whatever they may be). Fellow marketing bloggers will do a much better job of spreading my thoughts through links that I would do by posting frequently

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