20 July, 2006

oh noes the internets has been stolen!

Just incase you didn’t happen to know, the internet in the UAE has been severely crippled due to a giant development in Fujeirah; pray tell what development is responsible for this?

FUJAIRAH — The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Etisalat, has started the shifting operation of its three undersea cables off the coast of Fujairah, due to the construction of a man-made island in the vicinity.

"The shifting of the three cables will take about two days each to steer clear of the artificial, banana-shaped, island planned to be set up in the area", according to Sean Connery, the British engineer in charge.

The "Banana" island project will stretch 600 metres into the sea, opposite the coast of Fujairah, Hamdan added.– more here.

You can read my take on this over here.


Woke said...

An artificial banana republic for the ultra-rich - how clever.

bandicoot said...

I heard it's going to be populated by monkeys!

Anonymous said...

sean connery! wow!

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